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  Product Usage:
Strength training
CrossFit Games 2010

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Who buys MiR Weighted Vest?
Professional and Amateur Athletes, Body Builders, Martial Artists, Runners, Power-walkers, Mountain Climbers, Police Officers, Firemen, the Military, and/or anyone who wants to add more intensity to their workout routine.

Product Usage: Strength training, fitness, AND Weight Loss!

Why Buy MiR Vest?
MiR Vest Inc. pride itself on customer service and providing customers with highest of quality product. We make sure that you will receive the best customer service possible while providing products that will last a life time. Overall you can shop with confidence knowing that MiR Vest Inc provides top customer service, top quality products, and offering all this at one of the cheapest price among Grade A weighted vest.

Superior Quality Products - Mir Vest Inc is so confident with our products, we ensure that all our vest comes with a lifetime service warranty. Using 1200 D-Nylon, it guarantees that the quality of the vest is Grade A and will last a lifetime. Our vest gives you the comfort and flexibility of movement while working out with it. With adjustable straps around the shoulders and bottom of the vest, it ensures that the vest will not move or shift on you as you are training with it on. Our vest uses compressed iron bars to make sure that the weight is sustainable and doesn’t leak.

Customer Service - MiR Vest Inc. representative are standing by to answer any questions you have. From pricing to tracking your package, they are there to make sure that when you first place the order. You get what you want. Get it in reasonable fast amount of time. And you are truly happy with our products. (90 percent of our packages arrives to the customer within 3 business days after initial purchase) With any question please feel free to contact us under you convenience.

Buying With Confidence - MiR Vest offer a 30 days money back guarantee, and 60 day exchange policy. Purchase all the items you want and rest assured knowing that our website are protected by triple secure encryption technology, ensuring that you don’t worry about your card or identity will not be stolen in any way. Also all personal sensitive page is ensure with https:// which make sure that no one can hack into our website. Our flexible exchange policy let you buy items without worrying if it will fit you right. With 5 different vest design, there is one for everyone. NO SPAM EMAIL, with MiR Vest Inc. we do not attack you with barrages of email telling you about this sale and so on. We only send you two emails, the order confirmation and tracking confirmation. There is a special offer page for all our customers to check out what is new and on sale. Buying from us is quick, easy, and hassle free. All resulting in a top quality weighted vest and a great experience.

I was very impressed with the quality and comfort of this vest compared to other weighted vests I have used in the past. The length is not at all restrictive, like most vests out there, and the vest sits comfortably (relatively speaking - it is 50 lbs!!) on the shoulders. A waist strap keeps it secure even while working out at high intensities. Very satisfied!
~ Michael D. Hicks

I bought this product for plyometric training as an addition to the workouts. I must say that the vest fits quite comfortably and didn't hamper the movements needed for workouts. The only problem is that perhaps I should have bought a longer vest (which Mir makes and sells on here) because having only one velcro strap makes it impossible to lean over or do pushups with the vest on. Besides this minor problem, I highly recommend this vest to anyone who wants to take their training to another level and improve their stamina or endurance.
~ Kenton W. Baxter

More Testimonials....
Rich Froning Jr. - 2011 & 2012 & 2013 & 2014 Crossfit Champion using MiR Weighted Vest
Video - Jason Khalipa, Crossfit Game 2008 Winner, 2013 2nd Place.
Mir Weighted Vest
Mir Weighted Vest

The vest is very durable, don’t have to worry about the vest breaking at all. Compact and doesn’t restrict you in any way. Different straps to adjust so they can better form and fit to your body. Overall it’s just the best product on the market for weighted vest.

~ Rich Froning, 2011 & 2012 & 2013 & 2014 Crossfit Champion
Mir Weighted Vest

The new MIR weighted vest is really nice, I have used the one in the past. They have the nylon ones including different material. But the new vest I wore today is really really good quality, and is very comfortable. So I talked to the guys and told them if you wanted me to wear the vest, I would need it to be smaller, because in crossfit we do alot of multi turn movements, so they made them smaller for us, and all the guys wore them today and it was very successful. It is very easy to use. Much easier with movement over the head. So I am very happy with the MIR weighted vest.

~ Jason Khalipa, Crossfit Game 2008 Winner, 2013 2nd Place.
Mir Weighted Vest
The women's weighted vest makes it easy to up the ante in workouts. The shoulder straps are narrow enough that overhead movements are still possible while wearing the vest. the adjustability of all the straps and the main waist belt allows for an easy fit on all but the tiniest of our girls. overall the vest is a great product. thanks!

~ Kristan Clever

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